Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Am Thankful That My Son Is Moved Back Home ;-)

I am thankful that my son, Tony has decided to move back home :-D He has always been against alcohol and drugs. I have always talked my children about drugs, sex, and pure pressure - them sorts of things. I always had a good bond with them! We are a very close family.
Tony turned 18 on June 22, 2009. Then, moved out shortly after turning 18. Started hanging out with the wrong crown and got into quit a bit of trouble. Which he then turned into a kid I didn't know! A complete stranger:-(

I had a hard time with him moving out but knew it was for the best. I felt that he is on his learning path and I needed to let him go! I cried for this is the hardest thing for us mothers. You bring your babies into this world but never think they will leave you. Especially, that soon -- and that close of a bond! You are never prepared for this -- atleast I wasn't!
However, the good thing is......he is ready to make better choices and get back on the right path! He loves to race 4-wheelers. His dream is to become a pro racer and become a legion on day! Tony realizes in order to do this he must get on the right path and make so good changes in his life.

Tony now lives back home -- where he belongs! He has learnt so much in his time time away -- on his journey!! I am so proud of him and glad he has learned from his mistakes;-)
My boy is turning in to such a nice young man!!
By everything Tony went though.....he now ask help from the higher power. His spirituality is really coming out and has choosen a positive path. Now, he wants to become someone and lives for his dreams!
Dear Tony ~
I You have many great talents and so gifted. You have so much to learn and live for. I am so proud of you wonderful choices! You are a winner/star! Go for your dreams/desires!! Do what makes you happy, as you deserve the best in life! I am so proud to call you my son, Tony Lee ;-) Go for your dreams -- you are the one that can make them happen! Never give up on them!!

Love Always and forever, Momma (Gypsie)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Sold My Luxury Ride

I just sold my luxury ride last night. This morning was wondering if I did the right thing!

This afternoon, I am feeling great -- as I know it was the best thing to do.

Better and good things are coming my way! I deserve the best!!!!

Going to search for my perfect truck today:-)

Giving is receiving! BRIGHT Blessings, Gypsie xoox