Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cleaning/Organizing My Witchy Cupboard

Today, I am working on cleaning/organizing my withcy cupboard :) Stay tuned for updated pix!

Blessings ~Gypsie <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Raw Choc. & Snacks by A Wonderful Pagan

Julia McKenzie Maker of Mckenzies Magic Maca Bar

Creator the most amazing/fabulous raw snacks and bars!
Julia also creates magickal jewelry & paintings :) I am proud to have her as my friend! She is truely is a wonderful soul with a huge heart! Contact me if ur interested in trying her yummy products!

Your friend forever & always ~Gypsie <3

Blessed To Have So Many Wonderful Friends In My Life

Looky what I got in the mail today! It came all the way from the UK from my good/special friend Julia! I am in tears of joy! You are so good to me and I love & adore you so! Thank you thank you thank - Sooooo much! I am going to find a special frame for this wonderful work of art!
Julia is a very amazing/talented artist & makes wonderful raw snacks & choc. bars that are really good for you! If you need a pick me up - I recommend trying out her products!
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and Wheat Free Snacks by Julia McKenzie
This snack is so yummy good!
I LOVE you Ju :) Have a magickal/fab day! Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

Witch Getting Ready For Some Real Good/Pos. Magick

I want to say that "I LOVE being a Witch"! I love creating magick, working with herbs, making tinctures, natural perfumes, oils, ect.... As I am a natural born healer!
The past few days, I have been excited and motivated to work with magkcial items! I see so many good things coming my way! Therefore, I am inspired to share good things with my friends :) I feel good everyone deserves good in life!!
Yesterday, I was in such a great pos. creative state and needed to cleanse things around the house! Everyday, life can keep us from doing such! For a few years, I have been asking the universe to help me get my life back in order & well organized - it's doing just that!
Today, I cleansed my altar tools (with a great mixtured I made, suggested by my UK friend "CAZ").
I have so many creative things running through my head and loving it! I love putting love & pos. magick into all my creations! I love charging/infusing my jewlery with magick ;)

Brightest Blessings ~Gypsie <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Selling and Swapping Gifts/Treasures with Friends

I am blessed to have sold a few orders online, through my Facebook. I am also excited I get to do a few swaps with friends. They both live in the U.K.

Thank you all so much for everything!

Blessings ~Gypsie

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Excited About My New Tarot Bag by Chris Livingston

I am so happy to share my new tarot bag with you! My sister made it for me :) She sewed it by hand with lots of love! If you are interested in purchasing one similiar to mine, please contact her:!/cliving39

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Look what I received from my boyfriend today :) We have been together for 20 yrs. going on 21 yrs. in Aug. of 2011. I LOVE him! Aren't they just beautiful?

He cleaned our living room windows. Got a snap shot - he he he It felt good that I didn't have to clean them!
To top the evening off he took me out to Buffalo Wind Wings for supper! I have a pretty good guy :-) What a wonderful day we had!!
Thanks lover ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Potion Bottles

Look at my adorable new potion bottles! I just picked them up yesterday :)

My New Oils Arrived Today :)

I am so happy that my natural essential oils arrived safely today! I am thankful for all the sales I've made so far on my new perfumes. Thanks to my fb friends and a show I did last weekend! I used part of the money towards these oils. Now get to experiment and make other unique perfumes :-) I happy they came in these amber bottles as I will be recycling them once they are gone!

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