Monday, August 22, 2011

Witch Getting Ready For Some Real Good/Pos. Magick

I want to say that "I LOVE being a Witch"! I love creating magick, working with herbs, making tinctures, natural perfumes, oils, ect.... As I am a natural born healer!
The past few days, I have been excited and motivated to work with magkcial items! I see so many good things coming my way! Therefore, I am inspired to share good things with my friends :) I feel good everyone deserves good in life!!
Yesterday, I was in such a great pos. creative state and needed to cleanse things around the house! Everyday, life can keep us from doing such! For a few years, I have been asking the universe to help me get my life back in order & well organized - it's doing just that!
Today, I cleansed my altar tools (with a great mixtured I made, suggested by my UK friend "CAZ").
I have so many creative things running through my head and loving it! I love putting love & pos. magick into all my creations! I love charging/infusing my jewlery with magick ;)

Brightest Blessings ~Gypsie <3