Sunday, December 27, 2009

Join Me in The 100 Day Challenge

About a year ago I joined a group called "Co-Creating Our Reality". This group has alot of positive and creative people. I am thankful to have found this group:-) I enjoy it so much, that I want you all to know about it!
What this group create/plan your goals and see what happens (manifest) in your life during 100 days. As we are the creator of our lives/dreams. It can be quite a challenging but fun as well.....that is why it is called "The 100 day challenge". This really helps stay on a positive track in your life and take 100% responsiblity for your life. You can record your days/goals in journal, video journal, or blogging journal. Hope to see you here! Please add me as your friend if you decide to join:-) Blessed be xoox Gypsie

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update On My Truck Motor

Kevin just came in and gave me the great heater motor is officially fixed! That was the problem and we don't need to buy a new motor!!! Thank GOD!!! Whaaa Hooo!! I am so greatful/ just don't know! I appreciate my man!!

xoox Gypsie

I Am Thankful For......

My heater in my truck was making very loud sounds in the heater - when I turned it up on high. Today, Kevin checked it out for me.....thinking we may need a new heater which will cost $80.00 or more. He took out the heater and found this mess in the heater motor. Hopefully our problem is now solved! Haven't got a report yet -- as he is out in the shop, now putting it back together. I have a pretty good feeling that is what the problem is!
I am thankful to have Kevin -- he takes good care of me. Without him, this could of costs me lots of money! I am so glad that it's an easy fix!

Peace, love, and light xoox Gypsie

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Appreciate All My Blog Followers:-)

Digital Art Creation by Crystal

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for following my blog back. I searched for most of all you and really appreciate you taking the time to follow my blog as well:-) I sent you all friendships today and hope you accept my friendship too! I love reading your blogs/updates:-) I also have another blog and would love for you to follow this one as well: -- On this blog....I blog about my newest art creations and other things about art. If you have any other blogs that you would like me to follow -- I would gladly love to follow them too! Just let me know and I will make an effort to add you to my followings.

I really do appreciate you all! Hope you have a Wonderful/Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xoox Gypsie

I LoVe Finding great finds at Thrift Shops!

I love Thrift's exciting finding new things! I love unique thing and you definately can find some pretty unique and unusual things at these shops!! Here are some interesting things I have found. Some of my great finds are for sale and some are not. All my items are cleansed from any negitivity that maybe on them.

Not for Sale - my Favorite, I just love this candle holder!!

For Sale - $ 29.99

Not For Sale

Not For Sale

For Sale - $5.99 Heavy duty

Not For Sale

Candles For Sale - Left candle $12.99 Right candle $18.99

Nof for Sale

Happy to have manifested in something I wanted

I picked up this dress form up from Hobby Lobby last month. I almost bought 2 of them but ended up buying only one. I went back last week and the other one was gone:-( Then was wishing I would of bought them both!
I love thrift shops....cuz you never know what you find and can be quite interesting. Yesterday, I ended up going to this thrift shop in my home town and found a dress form (the last picture below). I was so excited to find this!!!! It only cost me a dollar! What a deal!!! It needs work -- nothing that glue can't fix! I plan to create this wonderful dress form to my liking:-)

These dress forms work well to display jewelry but would love to have a few big ones for adult clothing:-) Lets see if I can manifest in these as well:-)

Dress form from Hobby Lobby

Dress form from 3rd world of friends (thrift shop)

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate you:-) xoox Gypsie