Monday, November 30, 2009

A Gift From A Very Special Friend

I received a very special and beautiful gift from my dearest friend, Crystal:-) I am lucky to have great friends like you! You are very special to me and I will treasure this peace forever!! Thank you so much!! Love always, Gypsie xoox

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our trip to Hackensack, Minnesota

I am thankful to have took a trip with my 15 yr. old daughter, Tyler Jo. We went to Hackensack, Mn to vist our very good friends. We really enjoyed our time away.....which we needed.

My friend, Lisa.....took us rock hunting on Woman Lake. I found some interesting rocks and drift wood. I found a really interesting peice of drift wood that will look perfect in my new shoppe!

We visited some great shops in Walker, Mn and had a wonderful time at the art sale:-) I will cherish these memories forever and ever! xoox Gypsie

Beautiful plump red berries - the BEST looking berries I ever saw!

We searched for rocks and drift wook on Woman Lake

The beautiful shore on Lake Woman

My daughter and me in Walker, Mn

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Angel Cards & Inspiring Self Help Books

Here are some books and cards I enjoy.

Bright Blessing, Gypsie xoox

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Touched by An Angel - 5 yr. Old That Loves Christmas Cards

I got an email from one of my ning group friends.....telling everyone about this little boy "Noah" who is celebrating christmas early this year. Because he was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblostoma cancer. He loves Christmas cards and that is what he wants for Christmas.

I was emotionally/mentally/spiritually touch by Noah's story, so I will be sending him 2 of my original hand painted angel cards. I wasn't sure what type Angel I wanted to send him so, decided to send one of each Angel cards that I make. I feel he is suposed to get one of each of my cards. Which I will be leaving the both cards blank with a letter for Noah. I believe he is to keep them until he is done with them, then he is suposed to give these two cards to 2 very special people (and write something) before he leaves for home. This is the message I was given.

If you would also like to send this little Angel a card or find out more about him..... you can find his story here:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paramore, Paper Route, and Swellers Concert Rocked

My daughter, Tyler Jo - loves the band Paramore. I feel very blessed to have been able to take her to the Paramore concert last Friday! We had such a wonderful time! I will always treasure these awesome memories:-)

Tyler is an artist that hopes to sell her artwork, to help her with her racing career. She is only 15 yrs. old and has set goals in life:-) I am so proud of her. Her dream is to one day pro in woman's quad racing. She is on her way to the top! She is really kicking butt!!!

Tyler just gave her first fan her autograph - YAY!!! One of the band members of "Paper Route" had her sign his arm! It was the most exciting time/day of her life. I added a picture below of her giving him her signature.

I feel very blessed to have experienced this wonderful day with my daugher and friends:-)

Sky is the limit, Gypsie xoox

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Have A Monkey On My Back!

Here in Minnesota, there is a commerial on the radio. This guy states that he has a monkey on his back. But he really doesn't have a monkey on his back! It's another type of animal, can't remember off hand what kind of animal lol

For some odd reason, I was thinking about this so, I thought I would post a pix of a real monkey on your back. Now that's really having a monkey on your back LMFAO

I will be doing some painting with this monkey (that's on my back) in the near future. Follow my blog for futher updates:-) BB Gypsie

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life is Precious! Be Thankful!!

This morning I was feeling quit negative:-(

I am working on my 100 day I went to the 100 day ning site -- which I am a member. I am thankful for this site! It is very inspiring for me:-)For those of you who haven't heard of is a group that has alot of positive/inspiring people here.
What this challenge is -- you set your goals (write them down in a journal, video blog or on the site blog). You do this for a 100 days and then see what happens in the 100 days. See your dreams manifest and live life pos. to it's fullest. Here is the link:

While making coffee this morning. I saw this cute little squirrel breaking leaves off an old oak tree and gathering them. He/she is getting ready for the winter.
Then it dawned on me....I need to have more graditute in my life!
I am thankful that I have heat for the winter and a warm safe house to live in, that I share with my beautiful family! This poor little squirrel has to struggle to survive these long cold winters. Those thoughts just made my whole day change:-) I feel blessed and love everyone in my life!!

I am also greatful to have spotted this cute little squirrel this morning. As he made me realize, I need to be more thankful for things in life! Because of this squirrel and my pos. thinking, I turned a crappy morning into a pos. one:-) I am thankful!!

You see.....just taking a neg. feeling and switching it into pos. thinking, you can change your life and way of thinking too:-) Also having graditude will make a world of difference too! You must really FEEL all these good feelings -- which then will bring pos. things!

I have 2 to share my artwork with everyone and this one - that I was using to help promote my friend and I with out artwork. I plan to continue doing this but also just decided to post often about what I am thankful for.

I love helping others and love inspire them! I think if I could atleast help one person by blogging or whatever it maybe. It would bring me such joy and happiness:-)

More inspiration blogs coming soon! Follow my blogs to see whatelse I am thankful for:-) I also have a youtube account: I plan to make self help videos for people that need positive inspiration.

Have a blessed day, Gypsie xoox