Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paramore, Paper Route, and Swellers Concert Rocked

My daughter, Tyler Jo - loves the band Paramore. I feel very blessed to have been able to take her to the Paramore concert last Friday! We had such a wonderful time! I will always treasure these awesome memories:-)

Tyler is an artist that hopes to sell her artwork, to help her with her racing career. She is only 15 yrs. old and has set goals in life:-) I am so proud of her. Her dream is to one day pro in woman's quad racing. She is on her way to the top! She is really kicking butt!!!

Tyler just gave her first fan her autograph - YAY!!! One of the band members of "Paper Route" had her sign his arm! It was the most exciting time/day of her life. I added a picture below of her giving him her signature.

I feel very blessed to have experienced this wonderful day with my daugher and friends:-)

Sky is the limit, Gypsie xoox

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