Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life is Precious! Be Thankful!!

This morning I was feeling quit negative:-(

I am working on my 100 day I went to the 100 day ning site -- which I am a member. I am thankful for this site! It is very inspiring for me:-)For those of you who haven't heard of is a group that has alot of positive/inspiring people here.
What this challenge is -- you set your goals (write them down in a journal, video blog or on the site blog). You do this for a 100 days and then see what happens in the 100 days. See your dreams manifest and live life pos. to it's fullest. Here is the link:

While making coffee this morning. I saw this cute little squirrel breaking leaves off an old oak tree and gathering them. He/she is getting ready for the winter.
Then it dawned on me....I need to have more graditute in my life!
I am thankful that I have heat for the winter and a warm safe house to live in, that I share with my beautiful family! This poor little squirrel has to struggle to survive these long cold winters. Those thoughts just made my whole day change:-) I feel blessed and love everyone in my life!!

I am also greatful to have spotted this cute little squirrel this morning. As he made me realize, I need to be more thankful for things in life! Because of this squirrel and my pos. thinking, I turned a crappy morning into a pos. one:-) I am thankful!!

You see.....just taking a neg. feeling and switching it into pos. thinking, you can change your life and way of thinking too:-) Also having graditude will make a world of difference too! You must really FEEL all these good feelings -- which then will bring pos. things!

I have 2 to share my artwork with everyone and this one - that I was using to help promote my friend and I with out artwork. I plan to continue doing this but also just decided to post often about what I am thankful for.

I love helping others and love inspire them! I think if I could atleast help one person by blogging or whatever it maybe. It would bring me such joy and happiness:-)

More inspiration blogs coming soon! Follow my blogs to see whatelse I am thankful for:-) I also have a youtube account: I plan to make self help videos for people that need positive inspiration.

Have a blessed day, Gypsie xoox

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  1. If you look up squirrel under animal totems, you will find that squirrels are very crafty and creative creatures. They make sure to have fun in their lives and they are creative about how they get what they need to survive. This is why the squirrel is my spirit animal.