Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I love & manifested

 This black candle stick I found in a thrift shop. The glass votive I had for many years - the other piece I had broke.....just couldn't part with this votive cuz it so cool. I knew I would find something cool for it. I think it looks great inside this cast iron candle stick. Don't you?

 I've been searching for a window similar to this. Then, my boyfriend brought me this one home. He halls rolloff's and found this in the garbage.

 I love rustic/old worn furniture. I found these 2 pieces (in photo's above/below) at a vintage shop. I was so excited to find these! I have always wanted something like the bottom photo, that has drawers. I scored big :)

 I was looking for a mannequin for our boutique. Then, next day my sister calls me and said a store was getting new mannequins in and selling these one fairly cheap. Now, I have serval :D

 I found this cabinet at a thrift shop. I painted it and now have a new display case for my magickal oils!

I love my new perfume bottles :) I was looking for some very similar to this!

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